Several Pasadena-area schools are considering a suite of technology designed to combat COVID and other pathogens, called SafeClass.  SafeClass is made by Rancho Cucamonga-based FSC lighting.  The product is a suite of existing technologies packaged together to actively fight pathogens in both occupied, and empty classrooms.

“There’s been a big push to invent new technologies that fight COVID,” said John Watkins, president of FSC lighting. “But new technologies are also unproven technologies. So, we built SafeClass from technologies that we know effectively kill viruses and bacteria, and are well-understood.”

The SafeClass suite has three key functions. First, it kills airborne viruses like COVID-19 by passing air through filtered UV-sterilization chambers. Second, it combats on-surface bacteria and pathogens with LED lighting that’s safe to use in occupied spaces, but disrupts MRSA, salmonella and other bacteria. Finally, the system uses intelligent automation to run an overnight sterilization cycle that kills both airborne and on-surface pathogens so that teachers and students can return to cleaner classrooms in the morning.

Classroom technologies that fight the spread of disease could be key in helping Pasadena-area schools get back to in-person education safely, and keeping students and teachers safer in the long-term. For now, says Watkins, the first SafeClass deployments are taking place in Texas. However, the company is in discussions with several Pasadena-area private schools, and working on school-district wide deployments in other parts of California.