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We create local opportunity, growth and impact in every community. To leave your infrastructure and buildings in a better place than where we found it.

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  • Lighting Systems

    Our lighting experts will design and implement a customized solution that suits your unique infrastructure needs.

  • HVAC + Mechanical

    We offer you a large selection of HVAC equipment that suits your agency’s specific needs and budget with creative, effective retrofit solutions.

  • Water Infrastructure

    Our full-service water infrastructure consulting and implementation satisfies all of your agency’s conservation needs.

  • Controls + Monitoring

    Whether it’s a simple wall thermostat replacement or an agency-wide, customized energy management system using AI technology, we’ve has got you covered

  • Renewable Solutions

    Whether your primary goal is to reduce your utility bill or to step up your positive environmental impact, our team has the most effective strategy for you.

  • UVC Disinfection

    Our UVC technology is approved by the FDA and the EPA, and will give your agency the highest level of disinfection available on the market today.

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UVC Technology

Introducing the Air Guardian

Our new innovative UVC Technology allows agencies to address their COVID-19 sanitation strategy with the highest level of disinfection available on the market today! The Air Guardian allows for continuous disinfection, while occupants are in the room and is backed by clinical studies to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 in 3 seconds.

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  • Education

    Our skilled education energy specialists create customized energy efficiency solutions that hit all of your goals and give you peace of mind

  • Local Government

    We work with local city and county government agencies throughout California to deliver the most effective energy solutions possible

  • Utilities

    We help water and sewer utility agencies save money and increase operational efficiency through streamlined infrastructure improvements.

  • Private Sector

    We work with a diverse group of customers in the private sector, including manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and many more.

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