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We create local opportunity, growth and impact in every community. To leave your infrastructure and buildings in a better place than where we found it.

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  • Lighting Systems

    Our lighting experts will design and implement a customized solution that suits your unique infrastructure needs.

  • HVAC + Mechanical

    We offer you a large selection of HVAC equipment that suits your agency’s specific needs and budget with creative, effective retrofit solutions.

  • Water Infrastructure

    Our full-service water infrastructure consulting and implementation satisfies all of your agency’s conservation needs.

  • Controls + Monitoring

    Whether it’s a simple wall thermostat replacement or an agency-wide, customized energy management system using AI technology, we’ve has got you covered

  • Renewable Solutions

    Whether your primary goal is to reduce your utility bill or to step up your positive environmental impact, our team has the most effective strategy for you.

  • Indoor Air Disinfection & Monitoring

    Our innovative primary source of disinfection technologies and real-time monitoring solutions provide your agency with an effective sanitation strategy.

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  • Education

    Our skilled education energy specialists create customized energy efficiency solutions that hit all of your goals and give you peace of mind

  • Local Government

    We work with local city and county government agencies throughout California to deliver the most effective energy solutions possible

  • Utilities

    We help water and sewer utility agencies save money and increase operational efficiency through streamlined infrastructure improvements.

  • Private Sector

    We work with a diverse group of customers in the private sector, including manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and many more.

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