• Lighting

    Lighting plays a major role in all energy projects. We know that the more efficient your lighting is, the more energy savings you’ll have in your pocket to use for other upgrades throughout your facilities. Our lighting experts will design and implement a customized solution that suits your unique infrastructure needs. We’ll also map out a lighting controls strategy so that you understand exactly how to maximize your energy savings.

  • Controls + Monitoring

    Whether it’s a simple wall thermostat replacement or an agency-wide, customized energy management system using AI technology, the ABS team has got you covered. We lead the industry in developing the most cost-effective building controls solutions that meet our customers’ varying needs. And, our continuous monitoring solutions give you real-time energy usage feedback—something that alerts you to potential maintenance repairs before they become costly replacements.

  • HVAC + Mechanical

    Many of our competitors can only offer their own brand of HVAC equipment to their customers. But Alliance Companies is product-agnostic, meaning we aren’t limited to only one brand. Instead, we can offer you a large selection of HVAC equipment that suits your agency’s specific needs and budget. We pride ourselves on giving our customers creative, effective retrofit solutions. Our mechanical experts will develop a design-build solution that perfectly aligns with your energy goals. We’ll also craft a flexible maintenance contract to go along with it.

  • Renewable Solutions

    Clean energy solutions amount to huge savings. That’s why the Alliance Renewables team conducts a comprehensive assessment of your agency to figure out the best renewable solutions for your unique situation. This includes options like Solar Photovoltaic (PV), battery storage, microgrid system development, and wind. Whether your primary goal is to reduce your utility bill or to step up your positive environmental impact, our team will find the most effective, sustainable strategy for you.

  • Water Infrastructure

    Water efficiency is a new focal point for energy cost savings. State and local water providers now offer substantial water grants and rebates to customers who follow effective water conservation practices. Our water specialists will make sure you can cash in on these rebates by helping you cultivate onsite water-saving solutions, such as irrigation and water treatment system retrofits. Our full-service water infrastructure consulting and implementation satisfies all of your agency’s conservation needs.

  • Indoor Air Disinfection & Monitoring

    An overall effective sanitation strategy promotes two main components: Disinfection + Verification & Measurement. Through Alliances partnerships with the leading indoor air quality technologies manufacturers, our firm is strategically positioned to deliver the highest level of disinfection available on the market today. Leveraging patented technology and numerous third-party studies we can be confident in the efficacy of our products. Implementing a monitoring solution will provide a proactive approach to keeping a safe working and learning environment for all facility occupants. Along with contributing to a buildings effort to achieve certain Building Certifications.

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