• Education

    The education sector is one of the fastest-growing markets for energy efficiency solutions—and it’s no surprise why. Most Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) struggle with the negative effects of aging infrastructure. Dilapidated equipment; insufficient funding for deferred maintenance; staffing cuts; budgetary shortfalls; and significant utility bill costs plague many public school districts in California. But our skilled education energy specialists can completely change that by creating a customized energy efficiency solution that hits all your goals and objectives. You will enjoy new equipment, significantly lower utility costs, no maintenance burdens, and—perhaps most importantly—total comfort and peace of mind.

  • Local Government

    We work with local city and county government agencies throughout California to deliver the most effective energy solutions possible. As a long-time partner of local agencies, we understand how to navigate and overcome the inherent challenges of public sector work. We have improved the energy efficiency of local agencies in numerous ways. Over the years, we’ve significantly reduced utility bills, designed city-wide facility automation systems, and addressed public safety facility standalone energy generation. We have also helped local governments achieve crucial goals like reaching their climate action milestones and offering free Wi-Fi in public spaces city-wide. Whatever your goals are, we will produce the hassle-free solution that best its your needs.

  • Utilities

    We help water and sewer utility agencies save money and increase operational efficiency through streamlined infrastructure improvements. As a result, you’ll be able to make your own customers happier by offering them a superior service. Our utility experts will find you the highest cost savings opportunities around. We’ve helped our utility customers with things like innovative co-generation solutions; anaerobic digestion and methane burn-off strategies; and large-scale renewable energy generation that offsets higher rates within utility costs. We always give you the best resources and recommendations that line up with your strategic goals.

  • Private Sector

    We work with a diverse group of customers in the private sector, including manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and many more. We’ve helped our customers improve their facility integration and communication; facility environment conditions; security and monitoring systems; operational and supply chain efficiencies; and meet sustainability needs. No matter what industry you’re in or what energy problem you’re trying to solve, our world-class team will hand you a thorough energy efficiency solution—tailored exactly to your company’s needs and goals.

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