How it works

Stage 1.
Contaminated indoor air is pulled into the unit by an internal dual-speed fan.

Stage 2.
Two NanoStrike™ coils provide a powerful strike, made up of multiple concurrent inactivation processes, that work to rapidly destroy airborne pathogens.

Stage 3.
Clean purified air is recycled back into the room.

Product Highlights

  • 10 year Useful life
  • 14 watts / 3Amps
  • Under 40 dB of sound projection
  • 10lbs of weight
  • Lowest cost of ownership vs others
  • Unit Option: wall mount, desk stand, and Portable stand
  • No functional degradation
  • Power source: wall plug in
  • Efficacy validated through 70+ independent studies
  • No filters or internal replacement parts
  • Leveraging patented Nano-strike technology