How it works

Cleans the air via a four-stage air disinfection and purification process

Stage 1
Powerful, multi-speed fan pulls indoor air through a Camfil® pre-filter, capturing large particles, protecting the NanoSrike coils, and extending the life of the HEPA filter.

Stage 2
NanoStrike coils provide a powerful strike, made up of multiple concurrent inactivation processes, that work to rapidly destroy airborne pathogens.

Stage 3
A Camfil® HEPA H13 filter tracks bacterial debris and particles as fine as 0.12µm.

Stage 4
A Camfil® G4 carbon/molecular filter neutralizes VOCs, odors and impurities.

Product Highlights

  • 6 nano strike coils to inactivate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores
  • Easily wheel into place where its needed
  • M5 Filter (equivalent to MERV 10) for large particles including hair, dander, etc…
  • HEPA -H13 Filter – Equivalent to MERV 18 to trap particulate matter
  • G4 Carbon filter to absorb gasses and odors
  • 535 CFM